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    Rug Care & Maintenance

    Rug Care and Maintenance

    When properly cared for, hand-knotted rugs last for generations. For serious cleaning or stain removal, we recommends consulting with a company that specializes in hand-knotted rugs.


    Rug pads prevent sliding, offer further sound absorption, and protect a rug from crushing underneath foot or furniture. Rug pads also protect flooring underneath the rug from wear and spills. Custom cut to size rug pads are included with local installation.


    Weekly vacuuming with a stationary brush hose attachment removes surface dirt before it settles, and prevents moth damage. Vacuums with rotating bristle brushes are not recommended as they may exacerbate shedding and abrade the fibers.

    Rug Care and Maintenance
    Rug Care and Maintenance

    Fiber Pulls

    Hand-knotted rugs periodically sprout loose threads, which can be cut away with a small pair of scissors. As a rug is composed of thousands of individual knots, trimming a pulled yarn will not compromise the integrity or appearance of the rug.


    New silk and wool rugs tend to shed loose fibers. Shedding will dissipate over time and should not be a concern. Regular vacuuming with a soft brush hose attachment is recommended to reduce the appearance of shedding.



    Professional washing is recommended as needed to prevent dirt buildup. Often involving total immersion of the rug into a wet bath, any cleaning should be done by a handmade rug specialist with proper cleaning practices and drying facilities.


    Rugs made from hemp or linen are prone to water spots and should be cleaned with dry cleaning solvents only. If water spots occur, the rug should be given a professional wet bath cleaning (fully immersed in water and dried evenly) to remove the spot.


    In case of spills, blot up as much liquid as possible with a clean white cloth. Do NOT rub.